Get In The Game Program

The reason I created the “Get In The GAME” program is because I noticed that there were many occasions where people wanted to take advantage of the content I provided in my seminars, but were not in the financial position to do so, OR some people found it difficult to travel to seminars in other cities to participate.

I wanted to remove all the barriers and excuses for people to pursue their personal and professional growth goals. I created an accessible program where as long as people have internet access, they could participate in my seminar content from anywhere in the world.

In my experience, there are 4 things people need in order to experience success: Inspirational Messages, Great Guidance, Support, and Community. The Get In The GAME program encompasses all four of those elements, which creates a greater space for success for its members and participants aka the “DreamAholics”. A “DreamAholic” is one who is completely dedicated and committed to making their dreams become a tangible reality.

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