About My Dreams Work


What is My Dreams Work About?

We, at My Dreams Work, are here to help people RECONDITION their MINDS for Success.

As Zig Ziglar stated it eloquently, “We were all BORN to WIN, but have been CONDITIONED to LOSE”. Our objective is to help people close the “Knowing-Doing GAP”.

If you were to ask someone, “What are the ingredients to become an ‘A’ student?”…he/shewould likely tell you: study hard, pay attention in class, ace your assignments, go in for extra help (if you need to), and do well on your exams. If we already know the answer, the MILLION DOLLAR question is:  Why do so many people settle for Bs, Cs, & Ds?

If you ask someone, “What makes a top sales person?” His/her response would likely be: Call 100 people per week, book 20 appointments, do your research, follow-up & follow through with clients, be warm, courteous, professional, and put your clients’ needs ahead of your commission. Then you ask him/her, “Do you DO THAT?”  If he/she is struggling in sales, then the answer is likely “NO”!!!

They know what to do, but don’t do it.

The truth is that we will only DO the things we are CONDITIONED to do… LONG-TERM. Somebody has a DREAM that they want to pursue. They’ve been pondering  it for years.  They may start, then at the 1st Challenge, they STOP.  In their hearts, they really want the dream, but because of certain feelings they harbour inside themselves, they never really go for it!

Here are some of the most common Dream Killing Thoughts:

I have No Credibility  I have No Track Record/ Experience  

                        I’m Too Young/Old 

I am a Person of Color        My Gender       


   I Have a Physical Disability 


 Nobody in My Family has EVER done it Before.             


                                I Have No Money

I Have Bad Credit   I  Came from an Abusive Household   


                                I   Have had Bad Luck

I am AFRAID of what People of Think    

     I am Afraid of failure                              I have  NO TIME
                          I  Have No Contacts/ Connections
…take your pick!!!

At the end of the day, there are people from EVERY country on the planet, who have overcome these “odds, and have won…why not YOU? Our “Outer World is a reflection of our “Inner World… Your “Inner World” represents your (and my) habits, or our conditioned way of thinking!!

We at My Dreams Work can help anyone who wants to make their Belief systems work for them.

My Dreams Work is about creating a learning environment where reconditioning becomes AUTOMATIC, enabling a person to “naturally” give Birth to their Dreams and Passions. We help people get CLARITY.  Becoming “unstuck” is the natural result.

By utilizing every technology and communication medium available, it is our mission to assist  millions world-wide.

What is the My Dreams Work Philosophy?

We at My Dreams Work, believe that all human beings have been given gifts and talents that are to be maximized for the benefit of humanity. We believe that every precious moment that we have been given is a “gift”.

The most valuable commodity on Earth is not Money — It’s your Time!  Life is a “Limited Time Offer” and none of us know the Expiry Date. Take one moment as you are reading this and look at your watch.  Each minute that passes can never be retrieved again. You will never get this moment back. 

Every moment that we are blessed with is precious:

How do you spend your time?

Who do you give those precious moments that you’ll never get back to?

What do you give your attention to?  Is it worth it?

Are the people around you supportive of your Dreams? Are they worthy of your time?

Are you applying yourself 100% to the things you say you want?

If the answer to the last question is “NO”… or “Not Really”… WE CAN HELP YOU.


What We Do

My Dreams Work is here to help you shift your lifestyle (or daily activity), so that your activity becomes compatible with achieving your Dreams. It’s about taking the steps that lead to Quantum Leaps. We provide the platform for that mental shift to happen.  

What We Offer


60-Day, 90-Day, 6-Month, and 1 Year Training Programs


The Programs:




“PUMP UP THE VOLUME! For Sales Professionals”

“LOSE the FEAR of Selling”




Training Formats:


Seminars & Workshops– Both in Person & On-Line


Group Calls & One On One

Group Coaching  & One on One Coaching