About Noel Walrond

The Person

Noel Walrond, President & Founder of My Dreams Work International, is a Performance Coach, Mentor, and Motivational speaker who has been inspiring individuals towards their life’s mission since the age of 17. Noel has been featured on a myriad of media outlets. To name a few, he has made appearances on City TV, CTS Network, Rogers Cable 10, CHRY, CKLN, CIUT, and Blog Talk Radio. He was featured in the 1997 Men on the Move Calendar which profiled 12 role-model type men deemed to be inspirational figures for the City of Toronto.

Noel was Born in Ottawa, Ontario. His ethnic roots are from the Caribbean (Trinidad) and South America (Guyana). Noel was raised in Toronto and has also lived in Trinidad, and Vancouver BC.

When he was 17 he decided to take his love for promoting events and community development to a new level when he created his own marketing and communications company called Positive Communications. Noel found that he was effectively able to motivate large audiences by use of entertainment mixed with education EDU-TAINMENT”, Special Events.

Noel kept his business going throughout high-school and even after his completion of his Communications Degree at the University of Windsor. His public talks and lectures became a popular occurrence within the high schools throughout Windsor, and the Greater Toronto area, so much so that many schools and their student bodies began to initiate pro-active youth programs that focused on Self-Awareness and Self-Development.


The Entrepreneur

Noel was raised in an entrepreneurial household, and hence grew up with a love for private enterprise. Noel was the President CEO of RAM and Recognized Amongst Masters Inc. (RAM). RAM Inc. was marketing and promotions company specializing in customer acquisitions for Fortune 500 Companies (Local, National, and International Charities, Energy Companies, and Financial Institutions). It started out as a door to door sales opportunity, but within six months, Noel was running his own office with a team of twenty sales people multiplying his income by a factor of ten. Noel did this by developing a system, using the same material he uses to help his clients achieve substantial increase in their levels of success.

Noel learned from an early age how businesses work and how to get the very best out of a team, so that it can function on auto-pilot in his absence. Although he knew how to do all of these things, it was not until he became a student of personal growth and development that he actually began to APPLY what he knew how to do.

The saying he learned from Anthony Robbins stuck in his head “It’s not just about making a living…Its about designing a LIFE that supports your DREAMS”. Noel is another living example that it is possible to have it ALL!!

Real Estate Investment Strategist

Noel as a huge fan of Robert Kiyosaki, Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, fell in love with the idea of creating wealth through Real Estate. The idea of allowing your assets to pay for your lifestyle as opposed to the way 90% of the population does it through sweat equity (Working extremely hard for your money as opposed to having your money work very hard for you). Noel found a local mentor in Toronto who continues to teach him the nuances of the Real Estate Market.

As a result, Noel has been among the 5% of the population who truly understands how to multiply his returns. Through his strategic partnerships, he has enthusiastically shared this wisdom with many through wealth building seminars that he has held for local churches and community/professional groups. Between September 2009 – 2011 Noel and his associates helped over 80 people collectively earn millions in revenues.


The Motivator

Noel’s passion and life’s purpose is to enable people to maximize their potential. Nowadays, you can find Noel electrifying audiences with his powerful self-realization presentations and keynote addresses. Noel focuses most of his time delivering workshops and delivering personal development seminars, webinars, and one on one coaching. His most popular 60 day programs include, “The GAME CHANGER”, “The MATCH MAKER..Have Your Lifestyle MATCH Your Passion”, and “LOSE the FEAR of SELLING”.

Noel has spoken and coached Direct Sales firms, Network Marketing Companies, Traditional Businesses, Real Estate & Mortgage Brokerages, High schools, Colleges/Universities, and the general public throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Noel is a Performance Coach, certified Personal Developmental Coach, and Life Success Consultant in partnership with the World renound, Bob Proctor.

My Dreams Work, is a life altering initiative that helps people to bring their Dreams to Life. Through this remarkable vehicle, Noel has been able to help individuals all over the world carve out their own pathway to GREATNESS using time tested principles and techniques.

For more information on how to have Noel Walrond at your event or to schedule an Inspirational Session for your group, please contact 1-877-941-7333.

In life you’ll either have excuses or results, but you’ll never have both…Choose.” ~ Noel Walrond

The Author

Noel, having been through painful experience in his earlier years of being in debt, and having to deal with the “Not-So-Fun” world of collection agencies, and debt counselors was inspired to Co-Author a manual called Debt Busters and Cash Flow Management. This empowering manual road-mapped for the reader in simple terms, their rights in dealing with collection agencies, how to negotiate their debts, and systematically eliminating their debts through re-prioritizing. The manual ended with comprehensive with the steps for building prosperity.

Noel’s latest book “There is No TOMORROW…The Ultimate Guide to BEATING PROCRASTINATION” is due for release soon. This book is near to Noel’s heart because procrastination was his nemesis for many years as he toyed with the idea of becoming a professional speaker/ coach for over 10 years. He overcame the #1 Dream Killer in March of 2010, and has now created a 3 Step Guaranteed Guide that can teach ANYONE who wants to rid themselves of that insidious disease, to finally get it done!